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Big Things Do Come in Small Packages

It is said that big things come in small packages-- this is definitely the case with all the great things that are happening at CuCPS. We may be a small school division; however, last week was filled with many milestones, events, and accomplishments as you can read in the CuCPS Highlights.  From winning in fall sports to participating in unique field trips, our students excelled and participated in numerous activities and events. Please take the time to read about all the wonderful things and opportunities that took place with our students and staff!
CuCPS Highlights:
  • CHS students interacted with NASA in the MESDT 2014-2015 Student Kick-Off Event. See our students at 51.03 on the video clip.
  • The first edition of an online magazine published by English 10 Honors students, under the direction of Mrs. Haigh, can be found at
  • Cumberland Theatre finished 2nd place in the Conference 44 Theatre Championships. The Dukes performed well and now look forward to advancing to the Regional Championships in two weeks at Northumberland County High School.
    • Congratulations to Justin Crawford for being selected as an All-Conference 44 Outstanding Actor!
  • Cheyenne Crenshaw and Linden Czeizinger were recognized at the 2014 Area Youth Art Exhibit for having selected works displayed in the Longwood Hull Building.
  • The CHS Boys Cross Country Team finished 3rd in the JRD Cross Country Championships. John Bapties finished 7th; Matthew Bapties, 3rd; and Jared Halvorsen finished in 1st place. All three runners were named to the All JRD Team. These young men will be competing with the rest of their teammates in the Conference 44 Championships in Altavista Va. 
    • Congratulations goes to Jared Halvorsen for being named the 2014 JRD Cross Country Runner Of The Year.

  • The CMS Football Team won against William Campbell.
  • The CMS Volleyball Team finished the season with a 7-1 record!
  • Field Trips:

  • Special Events for the Week:
    • Delegate Tommy Wright visited early for VSBA Take Your Legislator to School Month
    • CCES Participated in Read for the Record Day!
    • Chemistry students celebrated Mole Day!
    • Students with the Respiratory Therapy Program in the Heath Science Academy celebrated Respiratory Care Week.
    • Parents and students participated in Conferences.
  • Staff attended the following Professional Development:
    • CCES Focus School 
    • Region 8 Writing Aligned Test Items 
    • DOE English SOL Institute
  • Alumni News:  
    • 2014 Graduate Ti'Eshia Crump was named the 2014 Virginia State University ROTC Homecoming Queen!
    • 2014 Graduate Logan Ross was recognized at the 2014 Area Youth Art Exhibit for having selected work displayed in the Longwood Hull Building.

Events for the Week:
  • Monday
    • 10:00 Administrative Council Meeting
    • 3:00 CMS Alternate Assessment Meeting
  • Tuesday
    • 3:30  CCES Alternate Assessment Meeting
  • Wednesday
    • CMS Academic Review Workshop

New addition in the Ag Program! 

It's Parent-Teacher Conference Time!

Congratulations to Homecoming 2014 King and Queen, Chase Davis and Madison Glover!
Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held this Thursday, October 23, 2014, from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.  The format is different this year with students not having school on Thursday. Students are strongly encouraged to attend conferences with their parents.  Students are an integral part of the conferencing process -- you are conferencing about their learning! This will hopefully lead to student-led conferences in the future.  
To get everyone prepared for Thursday, I have found two articles. One is about what parents want teachers to know while the other is about what teachers want parents to know.  I found it interesting to read about the perspectives from both stakeholders.
What Parents Want Teachers to Know:
  • Every home situation is different.
  • Please, plan for us.
  • Homework must be meaningful-- if given at all.
  • How can I be an advocate without being overbearing?
  • We're here for a better life.
  • Meet us where we are.
What Teachers Want Parents to Know:
  • Coaches, advisors play valuable roles, too.
  • Stay in the know with social media.
  • Change is hard but essential.
  • We are all on the same team.
  • At-home projects are important.
  • Respect goes both ways.
  • Your words can foster a love for learning.
Read more from Eric Sheninger's article in USA Today at
CHS teachers have fun with Spirit Week!
CuCPS Highlights:
  • Last week was filled with good times and lots of spirit!  It ended with a game win (44-20) and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday. Congratulations to Homecoming 2014 King and Queen, Chase Davis and Madison Glover.  Homecoming Week pictures can be found at
  • Recognitions and presentations at the October School Board meeting can be found at
  • Dr. Jones, Mr. Reid, Mr. Gilliam, and Mr. Preston represented CuCPS in the Backpacks of Love Golf Tournament fundraiser last week.  
  • All three schools participated in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills on October 16th.
  • The October 13th Professional Development Day consisted of K-8 Math PD and Collaborative Planning.

Coleman Phillips and Justin Caban attend the West Point Leadership and Ethics Conference.
Events for the Week:
  • Monday:  
    • English SOL Institute
  • Wednesday:
    • Report Cards Home
    • 1:00 Visit from Delegate Tommy Wright (VSBA Take Your Legislator to School Month)
  • Thursday:
    • No School for Students
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences from 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
    • Region 8 Writing Assessment Items Workshop
  • Sunday:
    • Longwood Youth Art Exhibit from 2:30-4:00 p.m.
High School Students:  If you are interested in going to Puerto Rico for Spring Break 2015, please contact Mrs. Barr at  
K-8 Math PD: Math Vertical Alignment 

It's Homecoming Week!


CMS celebrates Pink Day to bring awareness and prevent Breast Cancer.
Cooler weather and the beautiful changing colors of leaves are indications that Homecoming is upon us.  Homecoming week is an exciting and memorable time for our students and staff. Traditional events take place this week including spirit days, a Powderpuff game, the Homecoming Game against Bluestone High School, and the annual Homecoming Dance. CCES and CHS Spirit Week themes can be found on our Facebook Page at  We are pleased to recognize the 2014 Homecoming Class Representatives: 
Mr. and Miss Freshman – William Groves and Olivia Sims 
Mr. and Miss Sophomore – De’Shaun Liggins and TayZiana Booker 
Mr. and Miss Junior – Dakota Boyles and Cadajah Randolph 
Mr. and Miss Senior – Deitrich Brown and Ajah Smith
2014 Homecoming Queen Nominees: Annesha Harris, Madison Glover, Kajah Smith, Alexa Massey, and Taneijha Hampton
2014 Homecoming King Nominees: Juwan Childress, Edward Rose, Chase Davis, Quinton Harris, and Tony Ford

First graders in Ms. Grant's class collaborate on a map project.
CuCPS Highlights:
Events for the Week:
  • Professional Development Day: No School for Students
    • K-8 Math PD
    • Collaborative Planning
  • 10:00 Ag. Advisory Committee Meeting
  • October School Board Meeting
  • Make-Up Football Game against Amelia (in Amelia)
  • 7:00  Board of Supervisors Meeting
  • End of 9 Weeks (Report Cards Home Oct. 22)
  • 4:00 Gov. School Joint Board Meeting
  • 5:30  CHS Powderpuff Game
  • Backpacks of Love Golf Tournament
  • Homecoming Football Game
  • CHS Homecoming Dance
October 23, 2014: Parent-Teacher Conference Day from 11:00-7:00. There will be no school for students; however, parents are strongly encouraged to bring their children to the conferences. Students are integral participants in conferences.

Inspiration, Innovation, and Impact

FFA students participate in the two man sawing contest at the Virginia State Fair.


I have been away from campus for approximately a week and a half participating in an Academic Review workshop on behalf of CMS, the Superintendents' Professional Conference titled, A Vision for Virginia's Future, and the national EdLeader21 Conference. My heart and mind are full of wonderful thoughts and plans. I became most inspired at the EdLeader21 Conference, where over 500 progressive individuals gathered from across the nation.  I learned about student voice, performance tasks, learning spaces that promote 21st Century learning, Maker Spaces, quality student work (with High Tech High staff), and much, much more! Keynote speakers included Michael Fullan, Jay McTighe, and Russ Quaglia. I attended a design thinking workshop at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta where school staff and students along with Albemarle County Public Schools (VA) partnered to teach, model, and show examples of design thinking.  A tour of the school showed a culture of student voice and leadership as well as a culture of inspiration, innovation, and impact.  


I am certainly glad to be back home. I have definitely missed the CuCPS family.  And of course, cannot wait to begin sharing, designing, and planning as a result of the learning that I experienced in the last several weeks!





CuCPS Highlights:


  • Rose Giles won first place in the middle school division of the state’s CVC Poster Contest. She was invited to Richmond to participate in the CVC kickoff event and to have a VIP tour of the Executive Mansion as well as a tour of the Capitol. 
  • CCES raised $1750.65 for the Walk for Education.
  • A new stall has been delivered for our Ag animal friends.
  • Tyler Shores made the All-Conference 44 Golf Team. He advances to play in the Region 1A East Regional Golf Tournament.
  • CHS Boy's & Girls Cross Country Teams competed in the 2014 James River Cross Country Challenge. The event was held at Hardy Cross Country Course on the grounds of Fork Union Military Academy. Our boys placed 3rd out of 9 teams; Jared Halvorson placed 5th out of 118 runners; and Matthew Bapties placed 8th. 
  • CMS Volleyball defeated Bluestone MS, 3-0 25-15 25-15 25-14. CMS has a record 6-1 in the season. 
  • CHS Varsity & JV Volleyball defeated Central Lunenburg, JV 2-0 and Varsity 3-0.
  • CuCPS has been highlighted in the following Ecycle Best Blog:
  • US Marshalls visited ROTC:


CuCPS at the Annual Moton Museum Community Banquet.


Events for the Week:


  • Monday
    • 3:00 Division/CHS SLT Data Meeting
  • Tuesday
    • 10:00 Administrative Council Meeting
    • 3:00 Division/CMS SLT Data Meeting
  • Wednesday
    • 4:00 Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Thursday
    • 3:30 Federal Programs Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Friday
    • Focus School Workshop (CCES)


Division Calendar:



Meet Ruby who is relaxing in the new rabbit hutch built by our carpentry students.


CuCPS 2014 Graduation Rates


Last week, the Virginia Department of Education released 2014 On-Time Graduation rates for school divisions. We are pleased to report that Cumberland County Public Schools exceeded the state average in graduation rates as well as the percentage of students graduating with Advanced Studies diplomas.  The class of 2014 at Cumberland High School earned the following:


  • Graduation and Completion Index:  94%
  • Advanced Studies Diplomas:  60%  (state average:  50.6%)
  • On-Time Graduation Rate:  91.2%  (state average:  89.9%)

Cumberland High School also had 43.53% of students participating in dual enrollment coursework and 22% of students graduating with Associate Degrees. Congratulations to our students and staff!



CuCPS Highlights:


Students participated in See You at the Pole!  


Events for the Week:


Division Calendar:


October Dates to Remember:


October 13, 2014: Professional Development Day (No School for Students)


October 23, 2014: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. (No School for Students; however, students should attend conferences with their parents)



State and Federal Accreditation Ratings: Questions and Answers

Last week, VDOE issued a press release regarding state and federal accreditation for school divisions in the Commonwealth.  Since then, a reporter from the Farmville Herald emailed me the following questions regarding our schools' state and federal accreditation ratings.  
Below are the questions from the reporter and the answers from me:
Question:  Last year, all three schools were accredited with warning. This year, they have moved in three different directions. As far as state and federal accreditation, what do you think is the greatest challenge for the Cumberland School Division? What is its greatest strength?
Answer:  We are excited that Cumberland High School is Fully Accredited and met all federal benchmarks. We are currently intensely focused on K-8 reading and math. Over the past several years, Virginia has implemented new standards. A decline in scores during the transition does not mean that students are learning less but that the standards are more rigorous. We are working to align our curriculum, instruction, and assessments to the new standards. CMS and CCES will become Fully Accredited. Teachers and students will adjust to the new standards and there will be growth in scores.
  • Our greatest challenges are K-8 reading and math.
  • Our greatest strengths are the CuCPS faculty and staff who are dedicated to ensuring our students have a quality education, not only measured by SOL scores, but also through many other accomplishments and achievements. Our staff has a strong work ethic and is committed to aligning instruction to the new standards.  Our students are a strength.  They are eager to learn and appreciate the opportunities they have at school. We are also thankful for the continued support of our parents and community as we implement the new standards and expand opportunities for our students.

Question:  The elementary school is a focus school this year. It is a big jump to go from fully accredited two years ago, to in the bottom 10 percent in the state. What is the division doing to ensure elementary students will receive a quality education this year?

  • Answer:  We are working on aligning the written, taught, and assessed curriculum to the new standards.  We have spent the summer participating in professional development on aligning assessments, rigorous math instruction, and English/Language Arts instruction.  We have also hired consultants in reading and math to assist teachers and administrators in alignment and deeper learning of the standards. Professional Development days have been scheduled once a month for continuous learning and collaborative planning. As a focus school, there will be additional professional development with designated consultants from the Virginia Department of Education.

Question:  Can you explain the precipitous drop in reading at the Elementary School over the past years? What is the division doing to correct that?

  • Answer:  Although we invested additional resources in the area of elementary reading last year, there was no growth in elementary reading SOL scores. However, we did see a gain in reading levels (according to iReady diagnostic testing) from 52% to 81% of students reading on or above grade level.  This year, we will continue to improve our reading levels; however, we will also ensure that we are teaching the standards at the depth required.

Question:  Can you explain the increase in math at the Elementary School? What resulted in that increase over the years?

  • Answer:  The teachers have become more familiar with the math standards.  Elementary math is still an area of improvement and teachers have been strategically working to teach the math standards through more problem solving, hands-on learning, and understanding of concepts.

Question:  What led to the high school’s increased graduation and completion index?

  • Answer:  We are very proud that Cumberland High School is Fully Accredited. There was growth noted in all areas with significant growth in math scores and the graduation rate.  I believe this was achieved through the relationships built with students by the staff, the focus on standards, and hard work from the staff and students.  I interviewed each senior individually last year prior to graduating. Student after student commented on the caring and dedicated teachers at Cumberland High School who go above and beyond to ensure students have what they need. 
Closing Remarks to the reporter:  It is important for all three school to be Fully Accredited.  However, SOL scores do not measure all the learning and growth that take place in a school.  Our students and staff have many accomplishments and achievements that go beyond standardized test scores. 
As a school division, we have decided to look at our challenges as opportunities for learning and growth for all stakeholders. I am confident that we will overcome these challenges for our students and community. Our students deserve the very best which is a quality education that prepares them for life.  We want our students to be life-long learners, hard workers, and productive and giving citizens. We are committed to this purpose as well as having all three schools Fully Accredited.

CuCPS Highlights:
  • I enjoyed my visits to classrooms last week. Some highlights are:
    • Mrs. Barr's Spanish class singing the parts of the body. Check out the video on Facebook.
    • The students' presentations and stories about conic sections in Ms. Miller's class.
    • Students doing model drawings while problem solving in Mrs. Page's math class.
    • Students researching to develop 13 Colonies Brochures in Miss Weider's class.
    • Mrs. Fleischman's class doing Brain Gym. 
    • Miss Kelly's students presenting their Constitution for students.
    • Mrs. Price's class using problem solving to solve a word problem in math class.
    • Mrs. Hughes' class being archaeologists!
  • Annesha Harris was awarded her state ring and plaque during lunch on Friday.
  • Mrs. Talbott's Ag. class went to Holliday Lake last week.
  • Prek went to the Richmond Zoo on Friday!
  • The Sports Officiating class if off to a great start with Mr. Pearman. This is the first of its kind in Virginia!
  • 2014 graduate, Dylan Samuels, is highlighted in the SVCC video featuring technical courses offered at SVCC. The video can be found on our Facebook page. 
  • Love the new art gallery in the CCES Lobby!

  • The following Professional Development and Collaborative Planning took place on September 17th:
    • K-8 math teachers participated in Math PD and began vertical articulation discussions.
    • PreK teachers visited a preK class in Chesterfield and TTAC.
    • CMS English teachers collaboratively planned.
    • Mrs. Korrow presented Kahoot to the CHS staff.
    • Ms. Whittaker presented Outdoor Classroom opportunities to CHS staff.
    • Ms. Miller facilitated professional development on Aligning Assessments.
    • The CCES reading team met to develop intervention plans.
  • Check out our website to see the September School Board meeting recognitions and presentations:
  • CCES held Family Movie and Data Night.
  • Algebra I, Geometry, AFDA, and Algebra II teachers held Family Math Night for families.
  • The visiting teachers from China enjoyed their visit to CCES and CHS!
  • Mrs. Sharpe received an email from a staff member from Lynchburg College praising how well mannered our high school students were during their visit.  She said they were one of the best groups they have ever had!

Events for the Week:
  • Monday
    • Administrative Council Meeting
    • CHS After School Program Begins
  • Tuesday
    • Region 8 Aligning Assessment Workshop in Chase City
  • Wednesday
    • Nature Explore Workshop
    • Superintendent Student Panels
      • 9:00 CCES
      • 10:00 CMS
      • 2:15  CHS
    • CIP Meeting (4:00)
  • Thursday
    • Academic Review Workshop for CMS (Division/Principal)
  • Friday
    • Academic Review Workshop for CMS (Division/Principal)

Duke Pride and Service

Prek Students ready for Duke  Pride Day!
As you will read in the CuCPS Highlights section, last week was busy and exciting as students learned in classrooms, participated in athletics, and served the community.  I am most proud of Mrs. Fleischman's students who participated in the third annual Day of Service to commemorate September 11, 2001, by building and maintaining the Cancer Survivor Garden at Bear Creek Lake State Park. 
Meet two new members of the Ag Program, Bo Peep and Fudge Brownie.
It has been busy and productive in the new Agriculture program. The students have named the pigs, Durham and Duchess.  There are also two new members, Bo Peep and Fudge Brownie. The new program is quickly coming together!  Mrs. Talbott attended the Farm Bureau meeting last Monday. Farm Bureau members have graciously donated $350 for FFA jackets.  Mrs. Talbott and I also attended a Farm Bureau Young Farmers gathering on Sunday and learned about Allendale Farm. The Hatchers, owners of Allendale, are innovators in producing high-quality hay.  It was interesting to hear about their farm operations and the lobbying efforts of the Farm Bureau. It is wonderful to know that we have a wealth of experts and resources in Cumberland to support this new program!
CuCPS Highlights:
  • Mrs. Fleischman's class participated in the 3rd annual Day of Service to commemorate 9/11. Students have been building and maintaining the Cancer Survivor Garden at Bear Creek Lake State Park for three years:
  • Thanks to the Cumberland Farm Bureau for generously donating $350 to purchase FFA jackets.
  • Guest motivational speaker, John Mallon, spoke with students this morning about "Life After High School".
  • The CHS Golf team defeated Amelia (195 to 211), but was very close to beating the host team Nottoway (185-195). The team was led by: Chase Grubbs (42), Tyler Shores (43), Thomas Huddleston (51), Francisco Sustaita (59) and Dustin Clark (62). The Dukes continue to have the most wins ever by a CHS Golf team. The golfers will be preparing for the Conference 44 Tournament that will be held in 2 weeks at The Manor in Farmville.
  • CMS Lady Dukes Volleyball defeated Prince Edward MS:  2-0, 25-10 25-12.
  • CHS Varsity Football defeated Rappahannock County HS, 58-6.
  • CHS Varsity Volleyball defeated Randolph Henry, 3-2. 
  • The Girls Cross Country Team traveled to Prince Edward and performed very well. Top performers were Ebony Jones, Marya Elasha, and Carmen Meachum. The Boys Cross Country Team went to Richmond and competed at Collegiate against mostly 5A and 6A schools. The Dukes were led by Jared Halvorsen, and Matthew Bapties with personal best times, and strong performances by Brenton Morris, Joe Kingsley, John Ryan Bapties and Ja’Quan Brown. 
  • The Athletic Department celebrated Senior Day for Thomas Huddleston, Tyler Shores and Francisco Sustaita. The Duke Golfers played well against Bluestone and Randolph-Henry. The team was led by Chase Grubbs (41), Thomas Huddleston (50), Tyler Shores (51), Francisco Sustaita (59), and Dustin Clark (64).
  • Dr. Jones, Mrs. Ford, and Mrs. Pearman attended the VDOE Rural and Low Income Conference in Roanoke with National presenters, Dr. Margarita Calderon and Elma Noya.
  • Check out articles about CuCPS in the Cumberland Today:
  • Ms. Whittaker and CuCPS are featured on the VDOE webpage:
  • With all the information on the news about Enterovirus, below is a link concerning the symptoms and prevention of Enterovirus. CuCPS will be taking extra precautionary steps in prevention by: reminding everyone of the importance of hand-washing and not sharing food or drink; wiping down furniture, keyboards, and toys more frequently; and reminding everyone to stay home when sick. The transportation and food service staff will also be taking preventative measures.

Events for the Week:
  • Wednesday
    • No School for Students: Professional Development Day for Teachers
    • 6:00 p.m.:  Algebra I, Geometry ,and Algebra II Family Math Night
  • Thursday
    • 6:00 p.m.:  CCES School-Home Connection:  "Got Scores....What's Next?"



A Growth Mindset


I enjoyed my visits in elementary classrooms last week. I saw evidence of the math plan that works in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. Students were engaged, enthusiastic, and critically thinking as they completed the problem solving activities in collaborative groups.  In a 3rd grade math class, I saw students working in pairs on a place value game that also had students engaged, using math vocabulary, and problem solving.

In a 4th grade language arts class, students were using higher level thinking as they developed questions from a story they had read. In social studies, students were working in collaborative groups developing informative posters of the regions of Virginia. Students used a rubric and each had a responsibility for a part of the poster.
Dr. Lisa Meyers spent two days at CCES last week. She emailed to thank me for sharing our students and staff with her. She praised our teachers and administrators for their willingness to work with her. She also praised our students. She wrote, I fell in love with your students. They are so kind and so sweet and so hungry to learn. This is music to my ears! This validates my feelings about the CCES students and staff-- from the support staff, to the teachers, to the administrative team!  Thanks, CCES, for continuing to grow.  I see a growth mindset in both our students and staff. A superintendent couldn't ask for much more!
For more information about a Growth Mindset, research Dr. Carol Dweck.

2014-2015 Senior Banner

CuCPS Highlights:
  • 5th graders participated in DARE with Sheriff Hodges.
  • Freshman Class Officers: President: Darius Kyle; Vice President: Olivia Sims; Treasurer: Christian Allen; Secretary: Caylor Scales
    SGA: President: Alexa Massey; Vice President: Taneijha Hampton;Treasurer: Trevon Foster; Secretary: Brenna Halvorsen
  • Cumberland Middle School Volleyball defeated Prince Edward MS 3-0. 
  • The Duke Golf Team defeated Buckingham, but lost to Bluestone in Appomattox. They were led by: Chase Grubbs (40), Tyler Shores (45), Thomas Huddleston (51), Francisco Sustaita (62). 
  • Varsity & JV Volleyball defeated Nottoway HS.  

  • CHS Boys & Girls Cross Country Teams did very well at their home match. They celebrated their Senior runners: Annesha Harris, Karli Raby, John Ryan Bapties, Joe Kingsley, Brenton Morris & Delante Trent. The Boys Team finished in 2nd place overall with Jared Halvorsen finishing 1st with a new sophomore course record, followed by teammates Matthew Bapties (3rd ) and John Ryan Bapties (4th). The Girls Team finished in 3rd place led by Marya Elasha and Annesha Harris with strong showings yesterday. All of your runners performed very well in the warm conditions. 
  • Congratulations to the CHS Golf team for their victory at home. They defeated Prince Edward and Amelia. The Dukes were led by: Chase Grubbs (41), Tyler Shores (49), Thomas Huddleston (46), Dustin Clark (62) , and Francisco Sustaita(65). The Dukes Golfers have set a new team record for victories in a season with 3 matches to go. 

The CMS football team had their first win last week!
Events for the Week:
  • Monday
    • School Board Meeting
  • Tuesday
    • Administrative Council Meeting
    • Board of Supervisors Meeting
  • Wednesday
    • Interims

New additions to the Ag program!

Around the Clock

School bells ring around 3:00 p.m.; however, as I leave a middle school volleyball game at 5:00 p.m. to attend a meeting, there is still hustle and bustle throughout the complex and on school grounds. What some don't realize is that this is the case every weekday and on weekends.Young people are everywhere participating in volleyball, band, cross country, drama, football, and the list goes on and on.  Teachers, staff, and administrators are here after-hours coaching and working with students and/or cheering them on as they participate in the various activities. They are here not because they have to be here, but because they want to be here.  They care.

Although I know this happens daily, it always amazes me as I see it in action. Cross-country students running in the halls or around the grounds, drama students practicing on the stage, sweaty football players giving it their all, and parents proudly watching their children. It is a wonderful sight to see. Cumberland County Public Schools is truly the center of the community--  a mecca for learning and a place for bringing people together.

CuCPS Highlights:
  • Congratulations to the 2014-2015 CHS Class Officers:
    • Senior Class:  President: Brenton Morris; Vice President: Kevin Huddleston; Secretary: Sarah Massey; Treasurer: Colby White;
    • Junior Class:  President: Dakoda Boyles; Vice President: Tina Eubank; Secretary: Melissa Gilliam; Treasurer: Jada Harris; and
    • Sophomore Class:  President: Kaylah Paras; Vice President: Allison Gilbert; Secretary: Shakiera Branch; Treasurer: Demory Williamson.
  • The CHS Golf Team finished 2nd to Central and defeated Nottoway in Victoria:  Chase Grubbs (36), Tyler Shores (43), Thomas Huddleston (50) and Francisco Sustaita (57). 
  • The CHS Golf Team played very well against Randolph-Henry and Buckingham. The golf team was led by: Chase Grubbs (39), Tyler Shores (51), Thomas Huddleston (55), Francisco Sustaita (62) and Dustin Clark (74).
  • The CHS Boys Cross Country Team did very well in Amelia. They finished 3rd overall. Jared Halvorsen (2nd place), Matthew Bapties (3rd place), John Bapties (5th place). The Girls Team ran hard but did not place.
  • The CMS Volleyball Team did well against Nottoway (2-2).
  • The CMS Football Team did well against Prince Edward in their first game ever! 

Events for the Week:
  • Thursday
    • Lisa Meyers at CCES
    • 6:00:  Senior Parent Night
  • Friday
    • Lisa Meyers at CMS


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. This is the quote painted last week on the new Buddy Bench that the Little Duke Leaders will place at the CCES playground.  The Buddy Bench is a way to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. It makes me so proud that these young children can have such compassion for others. They are truly an inspiration for us all.
We held the Longwood Partnership Orientation last week.  Participants decoded CuCPS, learned about 21st Century Learning, and unpacked standards.  It was wonderful to see real classrooms examples of 21st Century learning as we took the Longwood students for a tour through CMS and CHS.  Two examples included work in Carpentry and comic strip design in Civics. 
We received exciting news that CHS has been awarded a 21st Century Community Center Grant.  This grant will assist in providing STEM (STEAM, adding art) initiatives for our students.  We plan to explore robotics, 3D Printing, a Maker's Space, and much more!
CuCPS Highlights: 
  • The CHS Football Team won their scrimmage against Hargrave Military Academy.
  • The CHS Golf Team won their match against Prince Edward and Buckingham. 
  • German math teacher, Chrisoph Rohlfing, visited CHS last week.
  • You can see Ms. Whittaker at the White House:
  • Chase Grubbs was selected as a standard bearer for both the Men's and Women's US Open during the 2014 Opens at Pinehurst #2 in North Carolina. Notable PGA/LPGA members that he worked beside include: Rickie Fowler (#13 in the world), Zach Johnson (2007 Masters champion & #11 in the world), Kevin Streelmen (#43 in the world), and Ryan Palmer (#49 in the world), and for the women Na Yeon Choi (2012 U.S. Women's Open champion & #20 in the world ), Angela Stanford (#12 in the world), Sakura Yokomine (#42 in the world). Mr. and Mrs. Grubbs were selected as US Open Marshals for both the men's and women's Open this past June being assigned to hole #16 for both weeks. 
Events for the Week:
  • Wednesday
    • CMS Football Game at 6:00 p.m.
CuCPS Schools and Offices will be closed on Monday, September 1, 2014, for the Labor Day Holiday.