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Bob 2.0 -- Extreme Makeover Edition

Don't worry, I'm fine -- in fact, I'm even better than I was before. Let me tell you what happened ...

With so many users on My Big Campus, I suddenly discovered I just couldn’t keep up, even with help from all my Clones. While I was working on My Big Campus a few days ago, I suddenly felt very strange, and didn't know what to do. I slipped out of my chair and onto the floor. That's the last thing I remembered ... until I woke up again a few hours later.

Fortunately my friends were with me, and were able to provide emergency first aid until the Robot Engineers arrived to take over my care. The next thing I knew, my friends were telling me that my internal Robot chip overheated and shut down. That sounds bad, but fortunately my memory circuits were intact, and the engineers at My Big Campus were able to upgrade me to a new and improved Robot body.

This video tells the story.

As you can see, the engineers gave me a sleek new body for better handling and durability -- the old Robot body had certainly seen better days. They upgraded all kinds of other things too: I now have fingers and can type more than one letter at a time. My antennas were replaced with a new stronger metal so that I can get wireless updates on all things "My Big Campus." My circuits are stronger, faster, and much more durable. They gave me a whole new lease on life!

The best part of the upgrade by far is my new head. I now have a visual face display. It makes it much easier to communicate with my co-workers at My Big Campus. Plus I take a much better photo now.  :)

What could have been a scary experience turned into something special and fun, thanks to the quick action and creativity of my friends at My Big Campus. 

So, what do you think of my new Robot suit? Let me know in the comments!