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Golden Nugget: Academic Reports

While I was digesting my Thanksgiving turkey and catching up on all the ball games over the long weekend, our development team was hard at work on Academic Reports, the promised next phase of Schoolwork. Our team is currently working on training materials to help you understand and use Academic Reports. Watch the MBC Trainers group, and the MBC Orientation Center topic, for more information.

Meanwhile, here are some quick tips to get you started.

Attach standards to your Schoolwork questions

The first step is to make sure your existing Schoolwork has standards attached to all of the questions you want to measure -- standards attached only to the test are not used in these reports. However, results are retroactive -- you can add standards to tests your students have already submitted, and see results immediately.

Create your first report

The next step is to create your first report. Click Academic Reports in the grey navigation bar, select the report type (individual student, or group report), select your standards, give your report a name, then create the report. A group report will look something like this:

Tips to help you use Academic Reports effectively

  • Notice that you can "drill down" by clicking a student name, to see individual reports by standard.
  • Easily spot which students are meeting your learning goals, and which ones may need extra help with certain concepts. Proficiency results are color coded: scores from 0 to 59% are red, 60 to 74% are yellow, and 75% to 100% are green. We plan to introduce custom proficiency ranges in a future update.
  • Another benefit to teachers and students is Adaptive Learning. My Big Campus automatically locates published Bundles with the associated standard, so you can branch and share them with students who need extra help to master a subject area. In a future update, students will be able to access their own academic reports and access supplemental resources directly.
  • Yet another is the ability to group related standards in a Learning Target. This simplifies the task of creating multiple reports that use the same set of standards if you teach multiple sections of the same class. The resulting report will be a summary view of all the standards in the Learning Target.

There's more information to come, in future blog posts, training webinars, technical notes, and help pages. If you have ideas, questions, or tips to share with your peers, let me know in the comments.