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Schools: Try out NROC premium courseware for free

Several months back, My Big Campus partnered with NROC, so that we could offer NROC Learning Objects to Bundle creators for use in the classroom. Today, I'd like to show you how you to use this content-rich multimedia courseware in your My Big Campus classroom.

What is NROC?

NROC is a library of online course content that includes includes Math, Science, Social Science, and Humanities courses for high school and college students. The NROC Project leverages contributions by education leaders, charitable foundations, and individual teachers and learners, to make online course content available to everyone. NROC courseware is correlated to state and national standards, and brings the power of multimedia to today's curriculum.

How much does it cost?

Because we feel this is a valuable resource for educators and students, My Big Campus is making NROC Learning Objects available to MBC users during a free trial period between now and March 31, 2013.

After March 31, school districts will need to become NROC members to continue using this content.

NROC content is free for individuals to use through the public website HippoCampus.

How can I use NROC content in my classroom?

Wondering how to get started? First, enroll in one of our free training webinars presented by MBC Senior Coach Libby Lawrie. You'll find signup information for this and other tutorial webinars here. Libby has also created a Professionals-only Topic group on NROC Resources and Courses, where educators can share content, discuss applications, and collaborate on learning projects.

You'll find NROC course outlines in the MBC Bundle Exchange, created by My Big Campus staff. These bundles contain everything but the Instructor's Guides, which require an NROC membership. Individual NROC Learning Objects are also available within My Big Campus for you to incorporate in Bundles. If you'd rather jump in on your own, this 45-second video shows how easy it is to find, then drag and drop NROC content into your Bundles.

Also, check the Bundle Exchange for tutorials created by other My Big Campus users. I especially like MBC Coach Rachel Porter's bundle Introduction to NROC Learning Objects, which contains an introductory video, plus sample bundles showing how she uses NROC learning objects in her lessons.

How do I encourage my school or district to join NROC?

Many districts already subscribe to NROC, and can continue using this content through My Big Campus once the free trial period ends in January 2013. Contact your school's curriculum director to see if you already belong to the NROC Network

I'm eager to hear how educators are using NROC content in their classrooms. Ask questions related to the subject of this blog, or share your success stories in the comments.