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Veteran's Day/Grandparents Day

This November 5, 2014 we will once again celebrate and honor our Veterans as well as invite our grandparents and community members to be a part of our celebration. A letter will be going home with all students this week coming up with details. If you would like to participate in our assembly or activities for the day please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Parent and Community Member Volunteers Needed for Media Center!

Anyone interested in being a volunteer to assist in the media center this school year - please contact me at the middle school via email ( or phone 908-213-2995. Thank you! 

Middle School Master Schedule Changes

Schedule Change Information for Middle School

Grades 6-8 Only

During the 2013-2014 school year, an Academic Achievement Panel was formed with building administrators and teacher representatives. This panel’s main objective was to develop goals to improve achievement. A new master schedule was discussed and the panel designed a new schedule to increase academic class time. Some important points about the new schedule include;

Academic Purpose

  • At the completion of the year, there will be over 500 additional minutes in each core academic subject.
  • Increased class time will allow teachers to provide more in-depth activities to reflect the Common Core Standards and upcoming PARCC assessment.
  • Increased class time will lend itself to more time for small group instruction and help with content.
  • Extended class time will also support a new basic skills program.
  • Extended periods will open up time in Learning Zone for students and staff to choose what they need.
  • Specials are back to back to support minimal loss of academic time.


  • The schedule is called a “rotating-drop” schedule where 4 out of 5 academics meet per day. Each day the courses rotate so they are not at the same time every day. This gives the students a chance to experience all their classes at different times.  The core academic periods are 60 minutes. Specials still meet daily and are 45 minutes. Learning Zone also meets daily.
  • It is an A-E schedule, not a Monday through Friday. If we have a snow day or emergency day, when we return to school, the schedule will run as originally planned. For instance, if we have a snow day on a Monday and Monday was scheduled to be a “B” day, Tuesday will run as a “B” day.
  • Early dismissal and delayed opening days will run a modified schedule but will parallel the actual day scheduled. For example, if there is a delayed opening on a scheduled “C” day, only “C” day classes will meet. There is an extra 30 minutes of Learning Zone to fill the 30 minutes in the abbreviated day. Teams will have the ability to plan their academics however they choose on those abbreviated days. 

Learning Zone and Renaissance Learning Parent Survey

Please take a moment to ask any questions you may have after my Open House Presentation.

Parent Liaison: First meeting on October 16, 2013

Please consider joining the Lopatcong Middle School Parent Liaison this school year. The first meeting will be held on 10/16/13 from 9:00am-11:00am. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please email me at 

Parent and Community Volunteers Needed!

Anyone interested in volunteering at the middle school for a variety of activities should contact Mrs. Dutt at I am seeking interest from anyone who would like to serve on special committees (Parent Liaison, Veteran's Day, Parent Visitation, etc.) as well as in the library. Any time you can dedicate is worthwhile so please do not think that if you can only do a few days this year that we are not interested. We are hoping for various parents and community members to be a part of our school. Thank you in advance for working with our students. 

8th Grade Promotion Committee Meeting

There will be a meeting for any 8th grade parents interested in serving on the PTA committee to prepare for this year's promotion activities. The meeting will be held on Thursday, March 28 at 7:00pm in the Media Center at Lopatcong Middle School.

Parent Visitation Day & Career Day

On Friday, May 24, Lopatcong Middle School will hold a Parent Visitation Day in conjunction with Career Day activities. I am currently working on a schedule for both events with members of the middle school staff and details will be made available as soon as we make final decisions. 

At this time I am actively searching for parents and community members who would be willing to present during our Career Day. If you or anyone you know would be interesting in working with our student body, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  I am looking forward to this great event here at Lopatcong Middle School! 

Parent Liaison Meeting - January 16, 2013

The next Parent Liaison will be held on January 16, 2013 at 6:00pm at the Lopatcong Middle School. These gatherings are a great time to share your concerns and express your ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The first meeting that was held in October was a positive and productive meeting. I will share my update from that meeting as well as discuss new items. 

If you plan on attending, please email me at Also include topics of consideration that you would like to discuss at future meetings. 

Eighth Grade Parents - High School Registration Forms

Please submit high school registration forms IMMEDIATELY to Lopatcong Middle School. We will forward all forms to the Phillipsburg School District.  

If you have not received registration information, you can access the registration forms for Phillipsburg at Click on Student Registration on the left side menu. At the bottom of the page you will see a section for Sending District Students. Click and download the Sending District Registration Form, Secondary Medical Forms, and the Release of Records. Complete these forms and submit to Lopatcong Middle School and we will forward to the Phillipsburg School District.