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By Stephanie Lear

Created Fri, Nov 16, 2012 6:30 AM

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  • Saint Joseph Fight Song


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  • Fite on to victory and shout our battle cry (fist pump)

    Fite on, old varsity, as the Bears go marching by; (arms marching)

    We'll sing a toast or two (1 finger, two fingers)

    for every loyal son

    .Raise High, our Maize and Blue, (one wave movement)

    until the fight is won! 


     F - I , F - I - T - E, fite (fists pump for each letter)

    So, Bears, fite with all your might;

    We're right, so fite,

    We're conquerors tonight!


The district fight song with actions.


The district fight song with actions.

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