My Big Campus Teacher Training Bundle

By Rachel Porter

Created Wed, Apr 25, 2012 6:49 PM

Updated Thu, Oct 08, 2015 9:26 AM

  • Welcome to the Teacher Training Bundle

    Work through these videos and exercises to help you better understand how to use My Big Campus. 
    As always, please e-mail me (or send me a "conversation") if you have questions! 

    Do what YOU need to do. 
    If you already have a good understanding of something,   s  k  i  p   it!
    You can always come back to it later if you find out you don't understand it as well as you thought you did! 

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  • Overview & Introduction

    This video is by far the longest (18 min).  It provides an explanation of of what My Big Campus is and why we think it is the best choice of virtual learning environments. Please note that the screenshots are a bit out-of-date as the site as evolved, but the content is all still relevant!  

  • YouTube:

    MBC Introductory Overview

  • Handy Reference - Overview of MBC

    The document below gives screenshots and brief descriptions of each feature in MBC. 

  • Setting Up A Class Group

    Ready to create a group for your students?  Here's how to set it up and gettting started in just  a few minutes. 

    Grab your class list and make a group! 


  • Customize Your Notifications

    Getting tired of all the e-mails?  Change your notifications so you only get e-mail notices on the really important things!



    Go customize your notifications just the way you want them

  • Discussions

    Discussions are one of the best ways to get your class interacting in MBC or to start networking with other teachers in professional development.  Learn about how to post to an existing discussion or start one of your own!  

    Southwest Parke CSC Users: Participate in at least one discussion in the SWP Digital Curriculum group.

    Other MBC Users: Participate in at least one discussion in the MBC Orientation Center Topic (*hint* you might want to join this topic for further MBC training and updates!)



    Post a discussion topic in YOUR class group to extend your lesson beyond the classroom and into critical thinking! 

  • Using "Drive"

    You will want to include files (like documents, PDF's, pictures, etc), YouTube videos and websites in a lot of the things you do with your students on MBC.  When you attach a file anywhere in MBC, it will be collected here.   Learn how to add files into the Drive area to store them to be used in assignments, discussions, bundles, etc.  

    Go to "Drive" and see if you can:

    1. Add a file from your computer.
    2. Add a new folder to your Drive.
    3. Create a simple assignment from an item in your Drive.
  • Schoolwork

    Enter the bundle of training materials for the new features of the schoolwork area of MBC through the link below.

  • Create a quiz for your class.  Use it as a check for understaning mid-lesson, or an actual assessment. You'll get wonderful data to guide what you do next.  You'll never want to give a paper/pencil quiz again!


    Create an assignment for your class.  See if you can include a video, website or file.  Deploy it to your students and see if they find a notification about it and a number listed next to schoolwork when they log in!

  • Uploading Copyrighted Materials

    Although the idea here is not to simply upload all of what you used to do to the internet, you may find times when you need to upload something that you have purchased and is copyrighted.  Here's how to do that legally so it isn't available to those who don't have rights to it. 

    Try uploading a file and finding that box to indicate that it is copyrighted and should not be accessable to others. 

  • Adding a YouTube Video into the MBC Library

    YouTube has a lot of great videos for learning... it also has a lot of garbage.  Upload YouTube videos you want to use in the classroom into the MBC Library.  This will hide all the rest of YouTube and protect your students from inappropriate content.  It also allows you to use YouTube even though the actual site is blocked  by our filters.

  • YouTube:

    MBC- Adding a YouTube Video to the Library.mp4

  • Go find a great video on YouTube that you want to use in your classroom.  Add it to the MBC Library, then try putting it in an assignment, post, discussion, etc. 

  • Creating Bundles

    You're in a bundle right now.  It's an organized way of collecting everything in one place, sequenced in a flow of content.  You can pull together videos, websites, files, quizes, assignments, pages and resources from your groups, NROC learning objects (see below) and even other bundles! Link them all together with text and your ready to put it to use.  Share your bundle in any number of places on MBC and/or publish it to the exchange to share it with other educators.  Enter the bundle below on creating bundles to get started! 

  • NROC Learning Objects

    The National Repository of Online Courses has published some terrific textbook replacement content for social studies, math and science.  Enter the bundle below to see some sample content and find out more. 

  • Ready for More Training? 

    • Complete the Self-Guided Training Modules that will help you further your own knowledge and use of My Big Campus. 
    • Sign up for a free 1-hour Training Webinar. 
    • Request additional tutorial videos like those you've seen in this bundle by contacting me.
    • Schedule further professional development by a MBC Coach.

    See below for access to all these things! 


  • Attend a Free 1-Hour My Big Campus Teacher Webinar ​

    You can also register to participate in a one-hour overview webinar especially for teachers.

    During this virtual session, you will:

    • Get a tour of campus
    • Learn how to find and share resources
    • Find out how you can communicate with members of your groups (classroom, club, team, staff) all at once
    • Discover ways to save time and paper with online assignments, quizzes, and documents.

    Register at

  • e-mail me to request new video tutorials to be added to this bundle. 

  • Contact Holly Chambers to schedule professional development for your school.

  • Click the "watch" button to recieve a notification when new content has been added to this bundle!


To help teachers know how to use the many different features in MBC to participate in professional development as well as conduct their own classes.


A series of short video tutorials are offered on various features of MBC, so you can choose the specific thing you need to learn.

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