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My Big Campus Terms of Use

Date of Last Revision: February 27, 2012

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

This Statement of Rights and Responsibilities ("Statement") is an agreement between you and Lightspeed Systems (“Company”), the developers of MyBigCampus.com (“Service”), which governs our relationship with users and others who interact with My Big Campus. By using or accessing My Big Campus, you consent to abide by this agreement in its entirety.

  1. Privacy

    Your privacy is very important to us. We will never promote, sell, or divulge your personal information to third parties. Read our full privacy policy

    However, your activity on My Big Campus is monitored for acceptable use by both the Company and the people or institution providing your access to the Service.

  2. Safety

    We do our best to keep My Big Campus safe, but we cannot guarantee it. We need your help, which includes your commitment to good digital citizenship.

    • At all times I will use my real first and last names on my account.
    • I will not publicly share personal information about myself or others such as home address, telephone number or age.
    • I will not use bad language including acronyms or abbreviations.
    • I will not have conversations or create posts that would be inappropriate in the classroom.
    • I will not threaten, insult, gossip, tease or be mean to others, including my teachers and school staff.
    • I will respect the feelings and ideas of others.
    • I will not add pictures or videos that would not be appropriate to share in the classroom.
    • I will flag any inappropriate content I find.
    • I will not share my login information with anyone or allow anyone else to use my account because I will be held responsible for anything that they do.
    • I will not solicit login information or access an account belonging to someone else.
    • I will not spam others or intentionally harm My Big Campus.
    • I will not use My Big Campus to for anything illegal.
    • I will not use My Big Campus to promote other products, contests, or giveaways unless given permission by Lightspeed Systems in writing.
    • I will try to use correct grammar and spelling.
    • I understand that using ALL CAPITALS is considered yelling and may offend others.
    • I will not help or encourage anyone to break these rules.
    • I will check with my teacher whenever I have questions about any of the rules.
  3. Protecting Other People's Rights

    We respect other people's rights, and expect you to do the same.

    • You will not post content or take any action on My Big Campus that infringes or violates someone else's rights or otherwise violates the law.
    • We can remove any content or information you post on My Big Campus if we believe that it violates this Statement.
    • You will not collect users' content or information, or otherwise access My Big Campus using automated means such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers.
    • If you repeatedly infringe other people's intellectual property rights (like photos and videos), we will disable your account.
    • If you collect information from users, you will: obtain their consent, make it clear you (and not My Big Campus) are the one collecting their information, and post a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it.
    • You will not post anyone's identification documents or sensitive information on My Big Campus.
  4. Registration and Account Security

    My Big Campus users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us related to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

    • You will not provide any false personal information on My Big Campus, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.
    • You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain (such as selling your status update to an advertiser).
    • You will keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date.
    • You will not share your password, let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account.
    • You will not transfer your account to anyone without first getting our written permission.
    • If you select a screen name for your account, we reserve the right to remove or reclaim it if we deem it appropriate (such as when a trademark owner complains about a screen name that does not closely relate to a user's actual name).
  5. Sharing Your Content and Information

    If enabled by your local administrator, you are free and encouraged to create, share, post, and link personal and educational content to your My Big Campus account. However, the content you post on My Big Campus is subject to the rights of their respective owners.  My Big Campus respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the text of which may be found on the U.S. Copyright Office website at www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf , My Big Campus will respond expeditiously to claims of copyright infringement committed using My Big Campus if such claims are reported to the Legal Department. My Big Campus will take whatever action, in its sole discretion, it deems appropriate, including removal of the challenged content from the Site. In addition:

    • You specifically give us the following permission for content that is covered by intellectual property rights ("IP content"), like photos and videos (excepting My Big Campus library content denoted otherwise at submission): you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to publish any IP content that you post on or in connection with My Big Campus ("IP License"). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.
    • Content that you share with other users on My Big Campus may be modified, copied, shared with others, etc. Please consider carefully what you choose to share as My Big Campus has no responsibility for how your shared content is used by others.
    • Please do not share any content that may be protected by the intellectual property rights of others unless you have the right to do so. My Big Campus will not responsible or liable for any content shared by you. Sharing original content created by you on My Big Campus grants other My Big Campus users to use that shared content as they see fit without any further claim by you.
    • When you delete IP content, it is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer. However, you understand that removed content will persist in perpetuity for use in My Big Campus (available to other My Big Campus users) and as backup copies for an indeterminate period of time.
    • When the Company or your local administrator deletes content deemed inappropriate, the content is hidden from display, but retained in the database for substantiation of any disciplinary action.
    • We always appreciate your feedback or other suggestions about My Big Campus, but you understand that we may use them without any obligation to compensate you for them (just as you have no obligation to offer them).
  6. Termination

    If you violate the letter or spirit of this Statement, or otherwise create possible legal exposure for us, we can stop providing all or part of My Big Campus to you. We will notify appropriate individuals at your educational institution by email, phone, fax, or other electronic means. Consenting to use My Big Campus permits Lightspeed Systems, if necessary, to contact appropriate educational administrators. Any violation of the above agreement is subject to notification at any time. Should your account be suspended or deleted at any time, please be advised that all uploaded content can and will be used in perpetuity at the discretion of Lightspeed Systems.

  7. Amendments

    The Internet world is always changing, so it may be necessary to update or revise parts of this agreement.

    • We can change this Statement at our discretion.
    • We can make changes for legal or administrative reasons upon notice without opportunity to comment.
  8. Definitions
    • By "My Big Campus" we mean the features and services Lightspeed Systems makes available, including through (a) our website at www.My Big Campus.com and any other My Big Campus branded or co-branded websites (including sub-domains, international versions, widgets, and mobile versions); (b) our content filtering software; and (c) other media, software (such as a Lightspeed User Agent, Lightspeed Security Agent, Lightspeed Mobile Filter), devices, or networks now existing or later developed.
    • By "us," "we" and "our" we mean Lightspeed Systems, Inc.
    • By "information" we mean facts and other information about you, including actions you take.
    • By "content" we mean anything you post on My Big Campus that would not be included in the definition of "information."
    • By "data" we mean content and information that educators, employers or legal guardians can retrieve from My Big Campus or provide to Lightspeed Systems through My Big Campus.
    • By "post" we mean post on My Big Campus or otherwise make available to us.
    • By "use" we mean use, copy, publicly perform or display, distribute, modify, translate, and create derivative works of.
    • By "application" we mean any application or website (including www.lightspeedsystems.com) that uses or accesses My Big Campus, as well as anything else that receives data.
  9. Other
    • This Statement makes up the entire agreement between the parties regarding My Big Campus, and supersedes any prior agreements.
    • If any portion of this Statement is found to be unenforceable, the remaining portion will remain in full force and effect.
    • If we fail to enforce any of this Statement, it will not be considered a waiver.
    • Any amendment to or waiver of this Statement must be made in writing and signed by us.
    • You will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under this Statement to anyone else without our consent.
    • All of our rights and obligations under this Statement are freely assignable by us in connection with a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, or by operation of law or otherwise.
    • Nothing in this Statement shall prevent us from complying with the law.
    • This Statement does not confer any third-party beneficiary rights.